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Crazy!! The Department of Information Engineering at Jingyi University successfully passed the "IEET Engineering and Technology Education Certification"!! Thanks to all the teachers and students for their joint efforts!

Certified students with core competence in engineering technology education and international standards
[45 School 152 Department of Internationally Recognized IEET Certification
[Taipei, March 16, 2015] The China Engineering Education Association (IEET) today announced the results of the 103 academic year engineering and technology education certification, with 45 schools and 152 departments certified . Thanks to the policy support of the Ministry of Education, many departments have begun to participate in the IEET's Technical Education Certification (TAC), which fully demonstrates the curriculum characteristics of practical technical training and highlights its talent cultivation direction. In addition, IEET is also promoting the Design Education Certification (DAC) for the first time. Whether it is industrial design, multimedia or visual communication, the IEET certification mechanism is used for teaching quality control and management.
IEET has promoted engineering and technology education certification since the 93rd school year. Currently, five major types of education, such as Open Engineering Education (EAC), Technical Education (TAC), Information Education (CAC), Architectural Education (AAC), and Design Education (DAC). Certification. In view of the quality and substantive international recognition effect of IEET certification, the Ministry of Education also approved to participate in the IEET certification to apply for the Ministry of Education exemption. There are a total of 79 schools and 511 departments in the IEET-certified department since the 93rd school year
. For a detailed list, please visit the IEET website at www.ieet.org.tw. .... more

IEET certification results   
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